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National Currency of Ukraine

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Ukrainian currency - Hryvnia National currency is Hryvnia (UAH). 1 USD = 8 UAH (29/01/2011)

You can change foreign currency in banks, kiosks, in the international airport. In the airport the currency rate is the same as in other places.

Payment for purchasing and services is done in hryvnias. Nevertheless, some companies take payments in USD.

You can use credit cards of international payment systems. They can be used in many of the shops, hotels, transport companies, clubs and restaurants. In cities the net of exchange machines is well developed including the most popular among students that UkrSibbank. This bank is often used to open the account for international students.

In this Bank you can save money both in foreign currency and Ukrainian hryvnia. Branches of this bank are situated in all regions of the country. It makes it easier to transfer money through the Western Union, Money Gram and many more local money transfer systems. You can find them at many local banks or at major shopping centers and Malls. Western Union is the largest in Ukraine and can easily be found even in smaller towns. MoneyGram rates are more affordable but it's availability is not as widespread. Your other options for sending or receiving money within Ukraine is to do a funds transfer by bank-wire or by Money Postal Order at the Post Office. These are cheaper options but will take more time.

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