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Divya Sunitha Raj

"Welcome to the heaven called Ukraine, the academic jewel of Europe. I am happy to state that our country has now evolved into a global academic nerve center attracting more than 50,000 students from 131 countries. All of them are successfully pursuing courses of their choice in top end Universities of Ukraine. We take great pleasure in guiding and placing foreign students in recognized government universities which are prominent and are backed by rich history. We strive very hard to make sure that all foreign students studying in Ukraine get the best of education, facilities and living conditions. As the new academic year sets off, we now look forward to increased number of foreign students making Ukraine their preferred seat of higher learning"

"In a world which is increasingly shrinking making it a global playground, its of paramount significance to acquire educational qualifications which are world class, respected and recognized. Ukraine, an integral part of Europe offers all that and more in the form of an evolved education system backed by top class Universities, colleges and institutions. Ukrainian State Center of International Education, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has been playing a proactive role in shaping Ukraine as the Ideal place of higher learning by introducing several student friendly initiatives. So far more than 5000 students from India have graduated from Ukraine in several faculties of learning. Well I myself am a product of one of the most prestigious medical schools of Europe, Zaporozhye State Medical University, Ukraine. The country is not just a place of higher learning; it’s an experience by itself."

Dr.B.Divya Sunitha Raj
Authorized Representative,
Ukrainian State Center of International Education
The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Vice Rector for Indian Students
Zaporozhye State Medical University
Ministry of Health of Ukraine