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Depending on the Universities for MD Pysician(MBBS program) the annual tuition fee will vary from 3500US $ to4300 US $ per year and have an option to pay the fee in 12 installments.For Post Graduation courses fee will vary from 2800 US $ to 4000 US $ per year.

Accommadation Fee will be 600 US $ to 800 US $ to the University yearly (variable)

Medical Insurance will be 80-100 US $ yearly (variable).

Food and Living Expenses will be 100 US $ to 200 US $ monthly (variable).

Primary Medical Qualification: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.PHYSCIAN) which is equivalent to MBBS in India.

Duration of the Course: 5 1/2 to 6 years (Including Practical Training)- English Medium.

Post Graduate Courses: In Ukraine Foreign students can study in 53 post graduate specializations -English Medium

Duration of the Course:
Advanced Training:1-2 years, Master of Medical Science Course:2years,
Specialized training (clinical ordinatura) the term of training:2-5 years,
Post Graduate Studies the term of training :3-5 years