About Ukraine

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Ukraine, owing to its world-class education system, infrastructure and universities has emerged as one amidst top 10 countries that attract maximum number of international students. Ukraine has nearly 1000 higher educational institutions of all accreditation levels and forms of ownership: universities, academies, institutes, conservatories, colleges, technical and specialized schools. Ukraine has signed the Lisbon Convention on the mutual recognition of qualifications in the sphere of higher education in European region; in May 2005 it became an equal member of the Bologna Process and is an active participant in the development of Common European area in the sphere of higher education. Diplomas, especially in, medicine, aviation and naval professions, engineering and chemical technologies enjoy virtually global recognition and prestige. Those who graduated from Ukrainian universities are becoming presidents, heads of parliaments, ministers, bankers, businessmen, etc in their countries of origin.Today Ukraine is the place where one can study and work, have a good time and rest, see thousand year old monuments.Ukrainian cuisine is one of the best in Europe. It has its own traditions and is famous for its variety and high taste qualities.In Ukraine functions a ramifide transport system able of bringing you any point inside and outside the country by air, train and coach. City public transport network includes trams, trolleybuses, buses and taxi. Big cities have underground railway.

Today about 40 thousands of foreigners from 131 countries study in Ukraine. The academic year in the higher educational institutions of Ukraine starts on the 1st of September and is divided into two terms followed by an examination period.Foreigners as well as Ukrainian students have opportunity to use all available leisure, welfare and sports facilities of the institutions. Ukrainian State Centre of International Education under the aegis of, Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine Government of Ukraine – the authority which regulates and coordinates enrolment of International students into higher educational institutions has now appointed its Indian Represenative in Hyderabad to assist Indian students.

The main aim of the Ukrainian State Centre of international Education is organization and coordination of activities of higher education institutions of Ukraine in the sphere of enrollment of foreigners for obtaining higher education under compensation conditions; monitoring, systematization and analysis of information of educational services, granted for foreigners in Ukraine, assistance for the interested and eligible candidates to get admitted in reputed universities to prepare and filing of required documents; negotiation on behalf of students with universities, embassies, ministries and other official authorities; training and orientation for students and parents on aspects like legal issues, European lifestyle etc.; visa and travel support; reception at the airport in Ukraine; assistance with required registrations; social and legal support; and support to parents intending to visit their child in Ukraine Also the center is occupied with publishing and advertising activities; expert assessment of national and foreign companies that work in the sphere of enrolling foreigners to study in Ukraine; organizing and holding international educational conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions and fairs.

Ukrainian State Centre of International Education ,welcomes everybody who wants to study in Ukraine and get education at International level.

Uscie- has also has its Authorized Exclusive Indian Representative Dr. B.Divya Sunitha Raj ,who is also the Asst. Rector of Zaporozhye State Medical University ,Ukraine to provide further detailed information about getting Admissions at Ukrainian State Centre of International Education